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How MSPs can help clients manage  security as a service On May 12th, an unknown hostile actor wreaked havoc on the British government’s National Health Service, FedEx, Telefonica and Deutsche Bahn with its WannaCry worm. While the attack was eventually disarmed, it was not before it crippled institutions in Europe and Asia. The scary part of the whole scenario is that if multimillion dollar companies that have thousands of dollars to spend on security and consultants can get hacked, how can small and medium sized businesses possibly keep themselves safe? Moreover, as many small and medium sized businesses (SMBs) rely on MSPs to keep them safe, what should MSPs do to stay ahead of security threats and keep their clients safe? The goal of this blog is to: Highlight approaches to managed security as a service Highlight ConnectWise’s value in aiding MSPs’ security manage... (more)

OnPage’s plan to hack IT post mortem reporting

Blameless post-mortems allow us to examine mistakes in a way that focuses on the situational aspects of a failure’s mechanism and the decision-making process of individuals proximate to the failure. – The DevOps Handbook  The engineers at Google describe post mortem reporting as a “written record of an incident, its impact, the actions taken to mitigate or resolve it, the root cause(s), and the follow-up actions to prevent the incident from recurring.” While the definition of a post mortem makes it sound like a straight forward process, the simplicity can belie some important te... (more)

Getting the most out of ChatOps through OnPage ChatOps Alerts

WHAT IS CHATOPS Chat is a method of communication that has become tremendously popular over the past several years alongside the growth of DevOps. ChatOps – chat plus ops – is meant to provide better communication among IT professionals, and the systems they use. One source referred to it as ‘conversation-driven development’ because it begins and ends with the recognition of moving to a shared and collaborative approach within the enterprise and has found its home in several applications such as Slack, GitHub and Cisco Spark. While the notion of conversation-driven collaboration ... (more)

OnPage’s 3 Steps to Mastering IT On-Call Scheduling

Almost half of all technology professionals experience on-call as an integral part of their job. Life for an IT on-call often means 2 am wake up calls for false alarms or for issues the engineer can do little about.  The results of these sorts of sleep interruptions and tensions inevitably lead to alert fatigue which is considered to be the #1 pain point for both traditional IT teams as well as modern DevOps engineers. Previous guides have failed to focus on the salient issues that need to be addressed in order to move the conversation forward. As such, OnPage is putting forth ... (more)

The OnPage Guide to Mastering Escalation Management

Escalation for better communication While effective communication can be challenging in the best of circumstances, it can be especially trying when an internal or external customer is facing an issue. The first goal of the incident management process is to restore a normal service operation as quickly as possible and to minimize the impact on business operations, thus ensuring that the best possible levels of service quality and availability are maintained. To achieve this end, there are a number of tools that IT engineers should have at their disposal in order to expedite resolut... (more)